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Strategic Planning and Business Planning


Suppose you wanted to drive from Minneapolis to Salem.  You wouldn’t leave without an understanding of where Salem was and some sort of a plan to get there.  You would make certain you knew if you were heading to Salem, Oregon or Salem, Massachusetts.  You would make certain you had your wallet with you and funds available to gas up when needed.  You would likely either get some directions online or be certain to have a GPS or your smartphone handy.  And you would certainly look over your car before you left to asses if it was reliable enough to get you to Salem.


Business isn’t any different.  If you don’t have a clearly defined goal for your business, you’ll not drive your business to accomplish that goal.  If you don’t measure the cash and resources necessary to accomplish that goal, you wont know if you will arrive home or be stranded at third base.  You need a plan to be certain you start off in the right direction and stay on course. And you need to be certain that your business is capable of what can be a rather treacherous journey.


GuideSource can show you effective ways to develop a plan for your business and assure that you have the necessary resources to get results.


How We Can Help:

  • Conducted Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Conduct All Future Forecasting
  • Align Goals and Objectives with Cash Flow and Revenue Streams
  • Create Innovative Processes and Procedures to Ensure Future Endeavors