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Income Tax


Would you like to eliminate one major stress factor from your personal and business life? Let GuideSource prepare your income tax returns and help you plan your business strategy so your next year can be stress-free.


Do you fear a possible audit? We can prepare you for that possibility. Perhaps there’s an audit date already looming on your calendar. We can defend you through the process. If the audit is complete you might not know how to move forward with the liability that’s been assessed. We can guide you through the rough waters that may lie ahead.


Are you or your business in a time of transition? We can address your needs as they relate to mergers, acquisitions, estates, trusts, bankruptcy and other unique situations. Learn more about our income tax services, click here  to contact us with your questions.


How You Benefit:

  • We Provide all Tax Preparation Saving You Time
  • We Provide Ensured Compliance with Possible Tax Audits
  • We Provide Third Party Defense through Tax Audit
  • We Mitigate your Legal Risk