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Human Resource Solutions


What portion of your revenue do you spend on wages, benefits, employment taxes, and other employee expenses?  How effectively are you measuring employee performance as compared with other areas where you spend significant dollars?


Compliance Assurance

Your employee files need to be organized.  You need multiple files.  Do you know what type of information is contained in each employee file and who has access to these files? Do you have legally compliant documented employment policies?  For many companies, these issues are relatively unimportant until a problem arises. It is now estimated that three out of every five firms will face some sort of employment practice lawsuit.  GuideSource’s HR compliance assurance consulting can help you avoid a potentially costly lawsuit.


Recruiting and Placement

In the current job market, it may seem as though finding great talent should be easy.  But how will you sort your next great hire from the myriad of applications you might receive?  It’s a difficult process.  Let GuideSource help.


Benefits Management Consulting

Employee benefits are often a significant portion of a company’s labor budget.  Benefits offered by a business are often cited as one of the most significant employee retention factors.  What strategy do you use to achieve the greatest results with your benefit’s dollars?  And, once you have selected benefits, are you efficiently managing your benefits programs and maximizing their impact?  You should be encouraging your employees to make sound decisions regarding their benefits.   Is the administration of your employee benefits compliant with current regulations?  GuideSource can help you navigate through the complex world of employee benefits selection and ongoing administration of your benefits programs.