GuideSense is a business dashboard that permits you to review the performance of your business quickly without starving your company’s resources needed to accomplish all that’s required in your business.


Think of the dashboard in your car.  You glance down periodically to monitor your speed, fuel level, and to make certain there are no warning lights appearing.  After glancing, you quickly refocus your attention to the road ahead, maneuvering your car to navigate the road.


The GuideSense dashboard works the same way.  It provides you with access to vital information about the performance of your company with metrics customized for your business.  As a leader equipped with this tool, you can quickly review performance and respond, but remain focused on your daily leadership responsibilities.


How It Benefits You:

  • Provides Real-Time Data
  • Provides Visual Analysis of Company Performance
  • Ensures Metrics Align with Company Objectives and Goals
  • Makes the Strategic Decision Process Easy