A.B. – Partner at a Plymouth, Minnesota based manufacturing company


Switching to GuideSource, we reduced the cost of tax preparation for our company by almost half.  GuideSource explained to us what our previous tax preparer didn’t.  The result was a tax savings of $35,980 compared to what our taxes would have been if we’d stayed with our old preparer.



T.C. – Minnesota retail sales company


We’re a $20 million dollar company.  Our tax preparer had extended our tax return for us.  Just ten days before the September 15th deadline, we learned our tax preparer wasn’t going to prepare our income tax returns for us.  We’d previously worked with GuideSource on other projects.  We called them.  They prepared our tax return with enough time for us to review and understand it and still file timely.



Product Distribution Company


We hadn’t filed corporate or personal tax returns in five years.  We knew we had a problem.  GuideSource helped us work through it.  They prepared returns.  They contacted both the state and the IRS.  They advised us on who best to pay off first.  They negotiated a payment plan for the back taxes we owed.



Service Company


We hadn’t filed sales and use tax returns in several years.  We were being audited by the Department of Revenue.  Original amounts the state was claiming they were owed exceeded $50,000.  GuideSource stepped in and immediately got the state to reduce the amount by half by claiming credits against sales tax we were entitled to take that the state hadn’t told us about in the audit.



GuideSource retains over 95% of clients its prepared tax returns within the last five years.  Over half of those lost are because the business was sold, shut down, or some other discontinuation.