Strategic and Business Planning

Clearly defining the goals for your business is critical.  Developing the strategies necessary to achieve the goals is just as important.  Once you have these strategies developed, you must determine the tactics you will use to bring your strategies to fruition.


Tactics must undergo scrutiny. Are the tactics being implemented? Are they effective? Who is accountable for their success or failure?


Determining the resources required (cash, equipment, labor, etc.) to complete these tactics and insure strategic success is the key to a sound business plan. 


It does require planning, however.


GuideSource helps small business owners convert stalled businesses to soaring ones.  We do so by working with the business leaders to create plans and implement them.  Read more about how GuideSource helps businesses like your plan for and achieve success.


Finance & Accounting Solutions

Few business leaders started their company so they could dive into financial statements, evaluate costs of goods sold, or reconcile bank accounts.  However, these things need to be done and done correctly. If a company is to succeed.


GuideSource’s finance and accounting solutions allow you to insert “best practices” solutions into your business without the burdensome cost of hiring additional labor.  Learn more about GuideSource’s finance and accounting solutions. Call us at 888.349.4910.


Human Resource Solutions 

A Progressive Insurance study recently cited these statistics: 60% of all businesses with employees will be faced with some sort of employee practices liability suit.  Median jury awards for such a suit topped $277,000 and attorney fees alone averaged $95,000 for settled cases.

Leaders often tout a phrase that can sound trite, “Our people are the most valuable asset we have.”  They are, but they can be your greatest risk.

 Consider the following areas of risk:

  • Recruiting, Interviewing & Hiring Practices
  • Job Descriptions and Employer Expectations of Employees
  • Workplace Safety & OSHA
  • Employee Records Practices
  • Exempt and Non-Exempt Payroll
  • Harassment
  • Family Medical Leave Act
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Benefits and Insurance Administration
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employee Retirement Plan Administration
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Payroll Tax
  • Workplace Violence

GuideSource can help you mitigate these risks, make your business more secure and provide you with some peace of mind.   Contact GuideSource today to learn more about ways we help small businesses with their HR needs.


Payroll Processing

GuideSource offers a full-suite payroll package to its clients.  We also provide multiple timekeeping solutions integrated with our payroll services to simplify payroll processing and control labor waste.  The payroll tax laws continue to change.  GuideSource provides flat rate pricing for clients with no hidden ACH, tax filing, or W-2 fees.   Call GuideSource to learn more about our payroll processing options for your business.

Income Tax 

Income tax planning, tax return preparation, and tax audit defense are three areas a business owner shown never venture alone.  Complex and changing tax laws, governments with collection authority unmatched, and a playing field that does not favor the taxpayer make competent and wise counsel critical for a successful business.


GuideSource can be that wise counsel to minimize tax liabilities while tending to risk.  Talk with us about our income tax services today.



Sales and Use Tax

Few areas of tax code are as specialized and fluid as sales and use tax.  Consider these facts: 

  • In Minnesota, if you invoice a customer for applying grass seed to their yard to grow grass, the invoiced amount is not subject to sales tax.  HOWEVER, if you invoice a customer for applying grass seed to their yard over the top of existing grass (Overseeding), the invoiced amount is subject to sales tax.
  • If someone doesn’t collect sales tax from you as a business owner, it may be your responsibility to remit use tax to the MN Department of Revenue.
  • Audits often result in a higher use tax liability due than sales tax liability. 

And that’s just Minnesota. No wonder business owners are confused and rarely compliant.  GuideSource can mitigate your risk of large penalties and the expense of paying sales tax you didn’t collect from clients with a compliance review. Learn more how GuideSource can help.



Payroll Tax

Businesses who haven’t filed or paid payroll taxes on time know how quickly expensive penalties accrue.  Payroll tax audits can be complex and reclassification of workers can be devastating to a business.  Unpaid payroll tax is most often assessed to principals and officers at companies who fail to remit payment.  GuideSource has expertise in payroll tax compliance, audit defense, and working out solutions with the government.  Mitigate your company’s risk and your own risk.  Contact GuideSource to discuss your payroll tax challenges.  Learn more.



Turnarounds, Workouts & Reorganizations

Struggling business leaders need wise counsel to right their company.  GuideSource recognizes the enormous responsibility we assume when we work with business leaders.  Our experience, our knowledge and proven service to our clients make GuideSource the best call you can make to stabilize your business and restore it to profitability. Learn more.




GuideSense is the business dashboard you need to quickly assess your company’s performance and make sound decisions with the information it provides.  GuideSense allows leaders to quickly identify issues before they become crises.  It equips leaders to make a good business better. If you’re at the top of your game, it will help you stay there.


Learn more about the GuideSense dashboard.