About Us


GuideSource is a management consulting company.  We help companies succeed when they otherwise might fail. 

  • Service to our clients is the key to our success.  GuideSource’s team is service-driven.  Service-driven... It’s an easy phrase to say, kind of rolls off your tongue.  Talking about service is one thing. Performance is another. You have ideas. We have the expertise to implement those ideas, and the knowledge to navigate through all the difficulties that those ideas will encounter. We tell our clients the truth, even when it’s not what they want to hear.


  • Delivering value for clients is the only way for us (or anyone else) to build a business.  The management consulting industry has a bad name.  That’s what happens when significant numbers of people in any industry treat their client’s business like prey to be devoured instead of treating that business like a valued client. We’re not in the equity business.  It’s your business.  You should keep it. We are here to serve you. We’ll earn the right to continue to serve you without requiring you give us equity.  We serve your business…period.  When your business succeeds, we succeed.  We don’t represent banks, creditors, or other third-parties because we won’t dilute our focus.  Our business is about your business.


  • We use strategies and solutions that are unique. Like it or not, if you have challenges with your creditors, you’re considered biased, part of a problem, or possibly the entire problem.  Conversely, we’re most often perceived as objective.  We often know the creditor’s position as well as they do.  As a third-party, we are often able to deliver solutions not available to a business owner.


  • We out-serve, out-work, and outperform what others in our industry do.  We have lives and families just like your employees do.  We also understand the importance of what we do for businesses like yours because it’s what we do all of the time.  We’ve been accused of caring for our clients’ businesses more than they do. Those accusations may be fair. 


When you call on us, you’ll learn why GuideSource is “Where Wisdom Is for Hire.